Welcome to Silver Linings: A Black 2 Nuzlocke.

(As of August 11th, 2018, the comic is now finished and fully uploaded. Thank you to all my readers!) Silver is a 21-year-old Pokémon trainer with plenty of travel experience on his shoulders... except, he has never been to Unova. One day, he decides to take the Nuzlocke challenge in the only region he has never visited... but why does everyone there seem to know him? Based on my own run of Black 2. The full ruleset can be found at Page 8 of this comic. You can also read it: - On Tumblr: http://silverliningsblack2.tumblr.com/ - On deviantART: http://silverstrangequark.deviantart.com/art/Silver-Linings-A-Black-2-Nuzlocke-Cover-460162489 IF SOMETHING IS UNCLEAR, PLEASE READ THE FAQ! ---> http://silverstrangequark.deviantart.com/art/Silver-Linings-A-Black-2-Nuzlocke-FAQ-461904504 <--- You can also ask me questions if the FAQ does not contain the answer(s) you were looking for. If you like my work, you may donate at: https://ko-fi.com/A837XHH

Silver Linings: A Black 2 Nuzlocke launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Silver Linings: A Black 2 Nuzlocke! Comics coming soon!

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