Page 195: Chapter 7, Page 26

November 21st, 2015, 8:34 am

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Page 195: Chapter 7, Page 26

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Reply SilverStrangequark, November 21st, 2015, 8:37 am

By "one battle ago", she means the battle between Sumihiro and Rood's Herdier, in which Sumihiro evolved.

So, now that the in-comic battle is over, I can tell you how things actually went. First off, both Odette and Sumihiro evolved against a random trainer in the gym, not in the respectively shown in-comic fights. These were changed just for dramatic purposes. The inspiration behind Excadrill using Rock Slide on her was due to Odette actually getting hit by a Drilbur's Rock Slide when she was still a Ducklett, and back then I was like OMG THERE GOES I LOST SOMEONE, but she actually took the hit pretty well and KOed with BubbleBeam the next turn. I actually don't remember who fought Clay's Excadrill in-game, but it was probably finished off by Sumihiro, since I was expecting Rock coverage.

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